The Passion of Art

May 13, 2021

Art, is art. Whether its a stick figure, or a Rembrandt!  What is it to you as you look at a painting and wonder its beauty or even its meaning.  Art is the best way of expressing our selves in this world. It can be the visual or performing arts but your art should make someone feel something, evoke a feeling. That is the distinction between artists who have staying power and the ones who don't.  Anyone can make art, but not everyone can make you feel something when viewing their art.

Artists need to be willing to practice regularly and really love what they do and feel the need to create. Artists should keep focused on their work, and also pursue their art regularly. If you are dedicated to your art, drawing or painting sporadically will do nothing, you need to have this passion and the constant ideas coming into your head. Probably everyday I see things, and say, yes that could be a painting because its beautiful and depicting it in my own way, in my own style will bring out what I see.

Artistic passion—it’s what inspires us to create. Passion is the driving force that keeps you making art even when there seems to be no other reason for it. You don’t have to experience a crazy exuberance for your art, but its great to have the desire to do the work, this underlying tug at your heart to create something that makes the person seeing it feel the passion also. Motivation is what fuels persistence and patience. Patience is the key, and it’s the gasoline that runs the “car” of your career.

For myself, when I'm not creating a drawing or painting I regularly replenish my creative well being to restore my passion for art by absorbing and taking in the work of artists that I admire most.  Going to an exhibit, or my favorite place in the whole world, The Met.

While we live in an age of distraction with cell phones and various other media, creativitydemands, at least to some degree, a certain amount of empty space. We need to find a way to give our imagination that blank creative canvas where it can experiment, reconnect, and play around with all of those images and ideas that we have absorbed from the world around us.

Sometimes I struggle with finding that elusive balance between connecting with art while still carving out some personal space to allow my creative imagination to roam free. You should try to find one thing to do everyday that is about your art and keep flexing those creative muscles.

I keep my drawing book close by at all times because some nights I think about my next project and work on a quick drawing, or like right now, work on updating my art website.

Use every tool you have to explore your artistic soul.  Try to push yourself a little each day into unfamiliar territory with your art.  Expand, explore, and enjoy!