Egrets Acrylic on gesso board  2018 12x10 (Sold, Prints available)
Sand Pipers, painting, art, birds
Sand Pipers Acrylic on gesso board  2018 12x10  (Sold, Prints available)
Blue Heron Acrylic on gesso board  2018 12x10  (Sold, Prints available)
Windham MountainAcrylic on canvas  2017 24x30 (Sold, Reprints Available)
Walkway At Jones InletAcrylic on Board  2017  14x12 (Sold, Prints Available)
Lavender FieldAcrylic on canvas  2017  40x30 (Sold, Prints Available)
  American Oyster CatcherAcrylic on canvas  2016  30x26  
Black SkimmersAcrylic on Canvas, 2016, 40x30(Sold, Prints Available)
We live in a world of great beauty, but our lives are often too busy to notice the beauty of the things around us. As an artist I spend my time noticing what most people never do, from the tiny perfection of an insect to the majestic movement of clouds over mountains, the shape of a tree, with the lake below and the reflection it makes. 

The splashing of a wave on the rocks near my home. The impact certain places and things have on me is one I strive to share. For 25 years I have expressed myself through the use of watercolors and acrylic painting. 

My work on this web site comes from many places I have visited, from the mountains of the Tetons to the shores of Long Island. I work mostly from the photographs I have taken, capturing the essence of the scene that takes the visitor to a special place. Please explore the site.

I hope you will find something that rewards your exploration.