My paintings all come from someplace or something I have seen, either on the shore where I live or places I have visited. Beautiful scenes inspire me to recreate and enhance what I see and visualize in my head. 

Painting scenes that for myself feel quiet and serene, maybe with one or two objects included. While the subject matter is the quiet serenity of nature, my painting style I feel gives more life, and through the strokes and the bright or bold colors I like to create a sense of movement.

To interpret the outdoor environment in whatever way suggests itself when I am present in it. My starting point is always the actual scene at which I will photograph it, and I tend to focus on the aspects of a landscape that are constantly changing like the sky and light, or movement of whatever may be the scene.

There are many artists that have helped influence my work. Some of the masters of Impressionism like Van Gogh. American artist Winslow Homer.  These are artists whose work has influenced me with their mastery of vision, style and composition.

I have always had an interest in learning and trying to incorporate new techniques if possible. While I don’t think technique is an end in itself, familiarity with the various aspects of the “craft” of painting, like learning a language, it gives an artist a means to communicate their vision. 

Working from photographs I have taken, sketching a scene, and then using photographs and pencil sketches to observe and establish the main elements of a landscape in terms of tones, color and compositional masses.

These small works will be completed or will be used as the basis for larger paintings scaled up in the studio.