June 23, 2020

Journey Of An Artist - Inspiration

Welcome to my second blog post on art.

The pandemic needs to be over or I'm ready to flee from it by finding a deserted island someplace far from this craziness.  Staying hunkered down and not going out seeing family or dear friends was difficult, and though things are starting to open up its still leaves you pretty wary of going to public places where there could be too many people. 

Thankfully my mind did not go completely crazy even though I missed and could not work on a large painting for someone, the art brain in me kept going by constantly being inspired.

Inspiration always exists but sometimes you have to work a little to find it. You can't just sit around waiting for inspiration to come hit you.  

I had worked on a painting of a farm in Minnesota awhile ago and going through images of the painting one day, staring at the animals and of sheep in the painting got my brain going about expanding upon it with maybe doing some up-close portraits of farm animals. This is the start of being inspired.  Inspiration is a feeling of enthusiasm you get from someone or something, that gives you new and creative ideas. 

Inspiration has come from my love for animals and nature, and going slightly off track, The Met, MOMA, The Frick, Whitney and whatever art museum is out there. But also I think it partly started way back on my grandparents farm in Iowa when we would visit. The sheep next door I would go to the fence and stare at them and watch every move or go down the road and ride the neighbors horse with my sisters, watch my grandfather go out at early sunrise to tend the corn fields.  Beautiful rolling cornfields and farms, big red barns, sheep, cows, horses, pigs.  I took it all in and became inspired by life.